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Quality Hawaiian cigars at great prices

Hula Girl & Royal Hawaiian Cigars Sample Packs

If you cannot decide which flavor you would like to purchase then order a sample pack.  Taste all the great flavors including the original Hula Girl Kona Coffee, Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Kona Coffee Macadamia Nut, and Mango Macadamia.  For the hand rolled Royal Hawaiian Cigars enjoy the Kona Coffee, Vanilla Coconut , Aloha Rum, Kona Coffee Mac, Vanilla Mac and Chocolate Mac flavors:
Quantity Description Price Order #
5 Coconut Mac(1), Chocolate Mac(1), Kona Coffee Ma(1)c, Mango Mac Cigars (2) $43.95 HG-5A
10 Coconut Mac(3), Kona Coffee Mac(3), Mango Mac Cigars (4) $83.95 HG-5B
15 Coconut Mac(4), Kona Coffee Mac(4), Mango Mac Cigars (7) $118.95 HG-5C
18 Coconut Mac (7),  Kona Coffee Mac (5), Mango Mac Cigars (6) $135.95 HG-5D

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