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The Goodnight Gecko
by Gill McBarnet

If your little one is having trouble falling asleep at night, this book will make the perfect bedtime story. Written by Gill McBarnet, it tells of a little gecko who is afraid to come out into the dark night. His mother explains to him that nighttime is when all the geckos come out, and she shows him the many wonders of the evening to dispel his fears. The colorful illustrations and intriguing tale make this book such a wonderful way to say "goodnight!"
Soft cover, 64 pages.
Order Number: 510269

Strange and Terrible Adventures of Popoki the Hawaiian Cat
by Diana C. Gleasner
You can get into trouble, even in Paradise! Popoki, a spirited Hawaiian cat, had a mind of his own.  He ignored warnings of danger.  And he got into trouble - BIG trouble.  During his adventures Popoki learned about the dangers of cane field fires and tidal waves.  He also learned that it's no fun to be hungry, and that it's very nice to have someone love you.
Hard cover, 36 pages.
Order Number: 118517

Baby Honu's Incredible Journey
Written & Illustrated by Tammy Yee
Learn about the life of a baby Pacific Green Sea Turtle and some ocean predators in this riveting story of Baby Honu's danger-filled trip from the nest to the open ocean - Local Best Seller!!
Hard cover, 11" x 8 5/8".
32 pages.
Order Number: 24043

Hawaiian Flowers - Cut Out Paper Doll Book
Illustrated by Yuko Green
Keiki learn about Hawaiian flowers and hula costumes with this book of cut-out paper dolls
Soft cover, 11" x  8 1/2".
8 pages.
Order Number: 24956

Keiki Hula Sticker Paper Doll Book
Illustrated by Yuko Green
Keiki will love this book of hula dancing paper dolls with reusable and interchangeable stickers.  Two boy and two girl dolls included with several costumes for each.
Soft cover, 11" x  8 1/2".
4 pages of stickers
Order Number: 24975

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